Building a Website from Scratch -- Tips ?

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build a website from scratch, I have done a little programming with PHP, MYSQL & JavasScript, I am trying to research now to know the technical knowledge needed to develop or build a website .. so if anyone can help to list the topics that I should study one by one other than programming aspects .. which may be internet protocols or internet architecture .. I know there are alot of stuff i need to study .. but I just want an experienced developer to list for me the topics in order to begin studying it before building the website ..

if you please list the topics in this way

1. Web Basics : ------------
2. FTP: --------------

Thank You in advance
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1. Programming basics like PHP / ASP
2. Database basics for MySQL operation
3. FTP basics for uploading files. This can be as easy as use of some softwares like Editplus / Dreamweaver
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for replying, you guys exactly mentioned what I wanted to know .. but sorry for not clarifying the type of website I want to build but your assistance was very informative .. I continued my research last night so that I can know a little about where should I start from I asked a friend also he told me some topics which I found logical to start learning first before actually developing because I don't want to start the programming part before really understand how my code interact with the web .. or in other words how the web works .. I will list the topics my friend suggested so you can advice me if it is sufficient to know how the web works or not :

--Protocols such as HTTP(s) and FTP
--A basic understanding of the different web browsers for both desktop and mobile platforms

Thanks in Advance ..
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That's pretty much all you'll really need, maybe a little more on the networking side of things such as servers etc but you got it pretty much covered.

Although it wasn't mentioned earlier you'll be wanting to study (x)html & css aswell but im guessing since you know about php,sql & javascript then you got to grips with it. A possible consideration once your a bit more advanced maybe to look into Ajax as its became increasing popular on the internet.