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Blog if blogspot than indexed in google fast.
Forum - We now have addon for forum.

Both of them are different products and for different purpose.
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There is no reason why a blogspot blog would be indexed faster.
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hi, friend
in my openion both are important for seo
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I think Blog and forums are equal importance for web site.because Both strategies gives you quality of back links.
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Blogs and forum both are important. Blogs have a chance to have good quality fresh unique content. As well forums get daily fresh contents. Google give preference to both of them. When its the query about cache they both get frequently cached time to time when there is some new fresh content.
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In my openion, forum posting is better.
it gets more more back links than blog..
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Both are important in seo. I do both.
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hi friends,
both are good for seo.
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Both are equal.They both allow you to post comment and to comment on other posts.It is a conversation between two users.
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I think blog is better than forum but both are important for seo.