we have a buffer say char array.[1].so the size will be 1 byte.
Now our problem is say we have 8 bits data say 10110101.
now this must be assigned to array[0] variable as 1 byte.
bit manipulation is not happening.kindly help us in this regard
If possible post us a sample code for the same

here we are posting sample code for the same

  1. decleration:
  2. struct aaa {
  3. unsigned char buff1:1;
  4. unsigned char buff2:1;
  5. unsigned char buff3:1;
  6. unsigned char buff4:1;
  7. unsigned char buff5:1;
  8. unsigned char buff6:1;
  9. unsigned char buff7:1;
  10. unsigned char buff8:1;
  11. }complete_buff;
  12. complete_buff->buf1=(unsigned char)0x01;;
  13. complete_buff->buf2=(unsigned char)0X00;
  14. complete_buff->buff3=(unsigned char)0x01;
  15. complete_buff->buff4=(unsigned char)0x01;
  16. complete_buff->buff5=(unsigned char)0x00;
  17. complete_buff->buff6=(unsigned char)0x00;
  18. complete_buff->buff7=(unsigned char)0x00;
  19. complete_buff->buff8=(unsigned char)0x00;
  20. char array[0]=(complete_buff->buff1>>7)| (complete_buff->buff2>>6)|(complete_buff->buff3>>5)|(complete_buff->buff4>>4)|(complete_buff->buff5>>3)|(complete_buff->buff6>>2)|(complete_buff->buff7>>1)|(complete_buff->buff8)