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The short answer is no. But did you expect any more from someone who posted their ?? in the "intro forum?" oops!

I wasn't sure what you meant about about a password on mine should maybe offer insight as to the password on his?? I dont have a password on mine; but then I thought you meant Id see one I could use from within my bios screen...but mine is blank & just ready to be set. Anyway, I hated to ask again what you meant; and instead when to the websites you recommended. It seems the yahoo post has the best reference to our machine w/ a possible fix. One of the links takes you to a step by step diagram about taking it apart, basically completely apart, to get to the answer.

I think I'm going to try that; just didn't have the guts yesterday, but will today. I have the PC at the kitchen table w/ my toolbox beside it; looks like a prep area to perform a major surgery...Lets hope he doesn't die on my table.

Thanks so much for checking on me! Im going to sit in the "Doctors lounge" for a couple of cups of coffee before I get started; but when Im finished, Ill be sure to send you an update. Thanks again, lisa marie
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Shabbir, thank you for all of your help & patience; I decided to give up trying to take it apart; if it was my own, I wouldn't think twice; but Id hate to put his in a condition that no one would be able to revive. We'll just have to shelf it for now and Ill let him use mine/ w/ of course the promise that he doesnt try to password protect anything...

Thanks again, really , thanks!
lisa marie
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I have taken mine and others apart before to spray them, if I spray them I take them completely apart, you only need to expose the motherboard to get to the jumper or battery. There is about 20 screws and youre done, just concentrate. If you can open a Desktop computer you can open a laptop. Both have CPU, RAM, HDD, Screen, and so on, with a laptop its just all more interconnected and a bit smaller. Try to see how far you come, the laptop wont do you any good on the shelf more than it would do after atleast an attempt.
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you can reset password by removing the BIOS battery and also by removing jumper.
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Open your laptop and check to see if there a jumper labelled clear CMOS or clr CMOS or any abbreviation that suggests CMOS. Fuse that jumper and on your laptop.
if this couldnt help, get 'Hiren's boot cd', a bootable cd that provides options for password cracking.
Else us the same boot cd to back-up the the bios on your pc. download the bios from the manufacturer's website then use it to flash the the bios rom chip. Make sure you download the correct bios for your system and flash the bios well. mostly they come on floppy disks. insert the floppy disk and restart the computer.
I hope one of these help you.
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First start your system then go press f8 for booting.
Go on safe mode and select the administrator account
On there you can change password or delete.