The short answer is no. But did you expect any more from someone who posted their ?? in the "intro forum?" oops!

I wasn't sure what you meant about about a password on mine should maybe offer insight as to the password on his?? I dont have a password on mine; but then I thought you meant Id see one I could use from within my bios screen...but mine is blank & just ready to be set. Anyway, I hated to ask again what you meant; and instead when to the websites you recommended. It seems the yahoo post has the best reference to our machine w/ a possible fix. One of the links takes you to a step by step diagram about taking it apart, basically completely apart, to get to the answer.

I think I'm going to try that; just didn't have the guts yesterday, but will today. I have the PC at the kitchen table w/ my toolbox beside it; looks like a prep area to perform a major surgery...Lets hope he doesn't die on my table.

Thanks so much for checking on me! Im going to sit in the "Doctors lounge" for a couple of cups of coffee before I get started; but when Im finished, Ill be sure to send you an update. Thanks again, lisa marie