I have my fathers laptop tonight; trying to figure out how to reset a password the he created; and now can't remember. Ive read through the related posts & have tried each of the responses for a solution, but no luck. &

His laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1000. I have another Dell Inspiron 1000 & wondered if I could swap out a part(s) to get his back in working order? If there's a possible yes in your answer; I should add that mine is retired because it would shutdown arbitrarily for no apparent reason; not turn on for no apparent reason & finally either the internal battery or maybe the ac charger quit...but it wouldn't retain a charge.

With all considered, I'd appreciate your expertise & and any insight that you could offer to me. I called Dell earlier this evening and was quite disappointed; I agree like some of the others noted, paying them for a service call for this type of issue is ridiculous; but either way, couldn't be an option for us right now anyway. I will look forward to hearing back from. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge.