The problem with stats are that they are site specific, and although my Bing traffic is relatively low, it is still there.
Over the same period, 70% of my traffic came from search, 18% by referral and 12% was direct.
Looking at the search traffic, 87.23% was from Google, 4.43 Yahoo and 4.26 was Bing (previous month Bing was 4.03).

So while I fully appreciate that as far as Go4expert is concerned Bing is insignificant, it isn't necessarily so across the board.
A further consideration is that my total monthly traffic would only represent a small percentage of that which visits this forum, but e.g. I come here on a regular basis and am involved in real estate, and others from different fields will also visit because it has a fairly wide appeal. But there is no real reason for anyone to go to a site which features property for sale in a small town in a foreign country unless they have a specific interest in buying or selling real estate there.
What I mean is that even one visit can be significant for me, because it could result in my selling a home to someone, and I do not need to sell very many each year to cover the bills.