Yes and that is where Google rules. No matter how badly it treats webmasters, they do good to users who uses them. As a webmaster you have to accept that fact as well.

Bing does not drive lot of traffic to websites and so webmaster's are not very keen on looking into Bing. If I look at June 1 2011 to June 30 2012 for Go4Expert, the stats are as follows.
  • google / organic - 84.08%
  • (direct) / (none) - 10.26%
  • bing / organic - 0.64%

And if I look for only June 2012, I see that ratio as 0.46% only which does not reveal much but I conclude is traffic from Bing is not picking up either and so it does not excite me to visit Bing Webmaster central either.