Hey everyone,
I have just started to teach myself C, and i have been going through the exercises in this book and they have this script

#include <stdio.h>
	int age;
	float weight;
	char first[15], last[15];
	printf("\nWhat is your first name?");    /* A prompt*/
	scanf(" %s", first);
	printf("What is your last name?");
	scanf(" %s", last);
	printf("How old are you? ");
	scanf(" %d", &age);
	printf("How much do you weigh? ");
	scanf(" %f", &weight);
	printf("\nHere is the information you entered:\n");
	printf("Name; %s %s\n", first, last);
	printf("weight; %.0f\n", weight);
	printf("Age; %d", age);
	return 0; 
Now when i run the program it lets me enter all my information but it does not display the information i entered

am i doing something wrong or is the book just missing a step



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