I really do not know where to go to find a solution for this question of mine, so i decided to ask in this programming forum as you guys would be better with computer stuff.
I want to know a way to merge a picture and a zip folder together into one file, such that if i change the extension to ".jpg", the file opens up showing the picture (as if it was a picture file) and when i change the extension to ".zip", it opens up as a zip folder with the contents all intact (as if it was just a zip file).

i managed to do it successfully with a jpeg picture and a rar file using a batch code:

/b copy (pic file) + (rar file) (file i want)

and all was successful
but when i did it with a zip file, as a picture, it opens up nicely but as a zip, an error says zip file is corrupted

and so i suspect that it is the different binary structure of zip and rar files that caused this

can anyone tell me a solution please, all help appreciated even though this is a programming forum, and i am asking in the wrong forum, please do help help me as a kind favor.