I am having troubles trying to screen scrape Rumba Mainframe. I am using a library from AxInterop.ObjectXMFDisplay.dll to do the scrape. I have been unable to find documentation for this library and most of the coding has been guess work. But everything I need is working now except for one thing: the ability to press F11. There is a SendKeys command that allows me to press F1 - F9 by sending "@1" - "@9". However anything sent without an @ sign is simply written on the screen and only the character following the @ sign is sent as a command. So for instance if I send "@11" it would press F1 and write "1" to the screen. I know that "@E" presses enter, "@C" clears the screen, and "@D" deletes, but nothing else seems to do anything. Has anyone seen this before or know how to work around it so I can programmatically press F11 in Rumba Mainframe?