Hello Again Kiddo!
Here is the link from where u can download Kaspersky!
Download Now!
But, Now actually I've no uploaded link for the registration file!
So just run it in the trial period, I'll give a link later from where just download the key file and register the antivirus by "Activating Using A Key File" option! You will get the option in the antivirus!

And another suggestion is to use quickheal! Its also great! But its UNCRACKABLE! If u like to edit ur registry after every 30 days, U can use it! For re-using trials, see the article below-
Reusing Trial Softwares!!!
Dowload Quickheal from www.quickheal.com

Now about USB DISK SECURITY, u can run it with kaspersky or any other antivirus too!
Coz it doesn't slows ur pc or doesn't shares a high ammount of memory! It shares just 4 KB!
Have u got the crack info of it???
Dont forget to tell me that what av r u using!