First of all, why have you no clue where to start? This is a complex project for a complete beginner. So either the course must have pre-requisites that you don't meet, or you've been goofing around during class and not learning anything - copying assignments off the internet instead of doing them yourself, perhaps? Or maybe you have a terrible teacher, in which case your classmates should be struggling too, and you should complain about him to the head of department. But it's amazing how many people who post here have allegedly terrible teachers, but won't complain.

I said previously that it's a complex project. But thankfully it appears you don't have to write any code. What you need to do is to look back in your course notes and/or book about Use Case Diagrams (and anything else you haven't got a clue about) and see how it describes them, and look at the examples it gives. Then you can build a Use Case Diagram around the specifications of this project. You'll probably find a lot of similarities once you really start looking hard at it. Part of the point of assignments is to make you go over the course material again, and this time apply it, and in that way you really learn what it means. So there is *zero* point in anyone here giving you the answers.