I had been trying to figure out for more than 2 weeks for the answer in
this website or others, but just couldn't find any sulution to solve my problem.

I had around over 1000 records which mean 1000 rows displayed in the TDBGrid. I had a button for Select All and when the user click on it, it will
automatic highligth all the records for me. I did manage to highlight some
reocords but it stop at invalid row number 19. I believe reason why it stop
or fail on row number 19 is because that were the visiable row?

Visual Baisc Code

For i = 0 To 1000
TDBGrid1.SelBookmarks.Add TDBGrid1.RowBookmark(i)
Next i


For i = 0 to MaxRows
TDBGrid1.SelBookmarks.Add TDBGrid1.RowBookmark(i)
Next i

Does anyone can help me with this?