Target platform: Windows 95-98se & NT 4.0-5.1
Compiler: Borland C++Builder 3 professional (1998)

I am using Borland C++Builder
I am aware that you can use SOME active x controls in the WYSIWYG editor
But I want to do it using code

How do I use atl to embed a control in Borland C++Builder 3
If it is of any use here is a list of files that can be found in
C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder3\Include\ATL
ATLBASE H 30,414 atlbase.h
ATLCOM H 58,053 atlcom.h
ATLCONV CPP 4,292 atlconv.cpp
ATLCONV H 8,175 atlconv.h
ATLCTL CPP 31,034 atlctl.cpp
ATLCTL H 76,049 atlctl.h
ATLIFACE H 11,553 atliface.h
ATLIMPL CPP 68,068 atlimpl.cpp
ATLVCL CPP 10,649 atlvcl.cpp
ATLVCL H 41,010 atlvcl.h
ATLWIN CPP 17,978 atlwin.cpp
ATLWIN H 31,622 atlwin.h
AXFORM H 791 axform.h
BUILD_ H 248 build_.h
MSSTKPPG H 1,191 msstkppg.h
STATREG CPP 23,457 statreg.cpp
STATREG H 5,872 statreg.h

I donít know how I do atl in Borland C++Builder 3