Assigning values to Data in C/C++

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to C/C++, I would like to perform the following task:

1. Build or model a wireless nodes for about 10 computers

2. Assign two feature to each of the node e.g. FTP and TELNET, or SMTP and POP3. So that each node can be given each task they deal with different from other nodes

3. Setting each node with feature like FTP to have a decision tree

4. Loop through to generate a simple anomaly rules or mis-use rule that can be store in a text file.

I am new to this propramme, can anyone help me with relevant code or explanations or URL links.

Thanks alot.
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Sounds like a graph theory problem, which is a tad more than "Assigning values to data in C/C++", which is a trivial thing. Your post sounds more like a request for a design than help for a program, but you might check out the graph theory thing. At any rate, to assign values in C/C++, one uses the "=" operator. That doesn't apply to arrays, which contain multiple values.