assert error????

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How to solve "Debug Assertion Failled!!!!!!!" error???

in my project,till now i have made some dialogs n all those working properly.....but now in any event,if i wanna display any dialog than its giving assertion failure...
error in MFC file.......File F:\rtm\vcTools\vc7libs\ship\atmfc\src\mfc\winocc.c pp file...

where actuly this path is not existing in my system........
But when i debug this error than it shows the winocc.cpp file.........

there is error in its code....

BOOL CWnd::EnableWindow(BOOL bEnable)
--->error____ ASSERT(::IsWindow(m_hWnd)||(m_pCtrlSite!=NULL));

return ::EnableWindow(m_hWnd,bEnable);
return m_pCtrlSite->EnableWindow(bEnable);

Guide to solve this error????????
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Your m_hWnd is not created and so you are getting an ASSERT
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this fis is very simple u MUST instalk nvidia physx even u don't have an nvidia video card