It's not a difficult program to write once you have some ability with ASM but you have to make some effort. Have a go at solving it yourself, then post the code when you're stuck and we'll help you out. It will help you to learn ASM starting from the beginning; you cannot jump straight in to a project like this and expect to get anywhere but frustrated.

Your story about a teacher promising to give you 1-1 tuition after hours if you can get someone to do this for you doesn't add up. If he's happy to teach you ASM after hours then he'll do it whether or not you complete this task first. This seems to be a homework assignment and it doesn't make any difference what story you attach to it; it still looks like that. Sorry if the story is actually true and all that, but how do we know you're not just making up any old crap in the hope of getting someone to do your homework for you? It happens quite a lot, usually around 2-3 months after the start of the academic year - and hey, it's November, what a coincidence! - when the reality of the difficulty of programming is starting to sink in and students are starting to panic.