This is the login page I did not use the login control cuz I needed a simple login for a simple login table so I used my own login page


When a user logs in the application redirects the user to add task page here users can add tasks in this page I faced couple of problems

1. I couldn't find a drop down calender control
2. I tried to add a js calender but asp.net controls doesn't respond to js I mean when running the site the controls names and ID changes so I couldn't figure out a way to implement a js calender

Search task

Tasks can be searched by using date this page will post the dates into another page displayasks.aspx from there I displayed the tasks

I used this line to allocate a small box in the asp.net page

<asp:Literal ID="ltlArray" runat="server" />

then on the page load event this area will be filled using data using this code

foreach (....................)
            mystring = mystring + "<h3>"+tbl.taskName+"</h3>"
            + "<div>" + tbl.taskDescr + "</div>";
ltlArray.Text = mystring;

GUYS I NEED UR advice on how to improve this application pls help