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Hello Everyone
I have made a structure by name structureCalculatorParameterOption .i know how to access variables declared in this structure.
Again i have made a 2nd structure by name structureCalculatorParameters In this 2nd structure i declare the variable of type Ist structure i.e
structureCalculatorParameterOption.How to access it?
I have declared a array of 2nd structuretype .How to access this array?

code for structure Declaration:--------------------
Structure structureCalculatorParameters
        Public parameterName As String
        Public parameterOption As structureCalculatorParameterOption()
    End Structure

    Structure structureCalculatorParameterOption
        Public optionName As String
        Public perThousandWeight As Double
        Public showAsOption As Boolean
        Public billingType As enumBillingTypes
        Public setupCost As Double
        Public costPerBillingUnit As Double
        Public minCharge As Double
        Public minQuantity As Double
        Public maxQuantity As Double
    End Structure

  Public calculatorParameters As structureCalculatorParameters() 'array of the calculator parameters

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