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I put it up on megaupload. Here's the link.
hxxp:// ( x to t )
In case your thinking its backdoored I would recommend you use sandboxie to open it. But i assure you it isnt.

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You can use protemac. com ProteMac KeyBag Pro
,it' s key logger as well.I use it.It's programm record yout password,your keystrokes .
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hey guys
have you tried the "KGB keyloger"
the free version is trial and includes only 3 days but what if you restore your computer or reinstall the program u can have 3 days more and doing this again and again u can have your pc or lap-top monitored 24 h /7. think about it. ou and eeemm the installer includes a trojan, careful, thank god my av detected it.
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What about me,i use protemac. com ProteMac Keybag .It's keylogger can store your keystrokes and recover them weeks later