Another WIN98 Problem !!

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I am using win98 and winxp in single system. I am using Airtel's new broadband Internet Connection . Now what happens is may be some adware or spyware ( i don't know exactly ) have changed my TCP/IP settings and when i tried to connect , it connects but no website opens inside the broweer( Internet explorer 6.xx ) . I mean the Internet is connected but i am unable o use it . It is Browser independent as other browser ( Mozilla Foirefox) can't also open websites . My download manager also stops working !The only think working is
1. Ping command
2. My Internet consumption Time (increasing)!

I hav tried to ask AIRTEL Customer care but they said reformat and reinstall win98 .
But this is difficult for me .
Also i hav tried removing and reinstalling :-
1. modem drivers
3. Browser

Plz tell if there is a option to restore the TCP/IP settings without reinstalling win98
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I also had similar problem some days back and its a worm thats affecting your intenet connection.
Norton detected and told that its deleted but then also I could not get any web pages to open.

What I saw is when I used MSConfig to see the programs in startup there were so many more and I could not delete them. I opened the Registry and tried to change there values but as you can expect it recreated it.

So what I did is I changed the value of the EXE path rather than editing the key value and guess what. the Exe did not strat and I could safely delete the Reg keys and scanned again to get nothing.

You can see the list of programs strating at statrup in Reg at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

Thanks and hope this helps
Shabbir Bhimani
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I am not very sure about this but may be there is something to do with MTU settings, as Shabir has already mentioned that it is a worm , then it might be.
Just try to install TCP Optimiser, Once u will install this software then u will find one option called as MTU, there change the value from 1500 to 1485 or 1495 & restart ur pc. Then check whether u r able to open any of the sites or not
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I think after 3 years the problem would be solved?? lol