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Ok I'm done, I needed to figure out design wise what would be simple yet display it in modern terms. Everything can be done using CSS3 and I only used well supported options like border-radius and gradients. I didn't code it myself but the PSD, and demo image has been included. Its designed in an app centric manner when you get a feature set done and implemented the UI will be sleek and easy to navigate for who ever uses it. I can design additional pages if you need me to just let me know. May I suggest adding a config file, either xml,or a json type which can be included, or a regular php file. Possibly create a parser to read menu file so everything isn't hard coded and fixed. Vbulletin does something along these lines for the admincp and its very fast and effective especially if you convert them into a json style format that is just included and the array it outputted view a function call to load the file and render it. Then a parser for the dos which reads the input and compares it to a dictionary of expected commands so you can do custom error notices and prevent misuse which could damage the users or someone else's computer. So far you have a good start but if you implemented some of my suggestions it could be something you could put on codecanyon and profit off of in the future. As for the xml parser you could use simplexml an extension for php or write one using regex like vbulletin does/did in 3.x. When I say json type I mean a file thats an array php style that can simply be included and used without having to re-parse everything every page call and is similar to a cache file. This way everything is flat file, and doesn't require any database. Heck an Admincp for it with some basic options like logging activity and a GUI interface for changing config options would be pretty sweet to. Of course you don't have to use any of my suggestion, just trying to give you some feed back from another programmer and web dev. If you need some help or questions on how to implement something let me know we can bounce ideas back and forth until your happy with an idea.
Thanks for the PSD and Suggestions! But you must understand the main aim of this app was portability and so that people dont have to upload multiple files on servers and can just upload a single php file and get started! Your ideas seem cool! I am presently working on the UI and the AJAX part ! Please let me know what you feel!