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I see, it functions ok, Maybe improve the UI of it so its more graphical and looks less like a dos prompt and it would be ok. Is the password and username hard coded on the file? To me if the UI had a modern application design it would be better. The Dos prompt could do with some ajax that shoots off the command on keydown of the enter key though so it better resembles an actual dos prompt. Maybe a tabbed interface would work best with each take being a new page housing more features. Said page could then have additional links to various functions related to that page. Just my advice though, and you could just use CSS3 instead of images with some small ajax for the dos prompt and it would still be a single file application. If you want I could design a simple UI real fast and post it.
1. Yeah the username and password are hardcoded!
2. I Will try to improve the UI (Please post yours)
3. Will surely add ajax in next version!