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Yes, Alexa rank is important while creating a link or exchange a link from the website.
Alexa ranking of a website shows the popularity and the traffic of the website.
It only shows the popularity and traffic based on the users of its toolbar, so it cannot be representative of the internet as a whole. Alexa ranks 30million sites, but there are about 350million altogether, so that's only about 9% of them.
In addition, my understanding is that their data is inaccurate outside of their top 100,000, and that would mean they have no meaningful ranking for approx 99.7% of all sites. You would not need an Alexa rank to know that the sites you gave as examples are popular high traffic ones. But for example, my site could get 3000 hits a day but if only 30 of them came from Alexa toolbar users I would still have a low Alexa ranking.