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Hi friends. Recently I am on link exchange campaign, I normally exchange link with such sites which have more or at least same PR. Should I focus on alexa ranking of site while link exchanging? Suppose A site has the worst alexa but PR same like mine, Will exchanging link with the site affect my site or not. Oh let me say I always go with relevant site. Please tell me if Alexa has any impact.
Although this thread is rather old now, the question is still relevant today. Alexa rank is based on traffic, and is mainly based on figures gathered by those who use the Alexa toolbar.
Google PageRank is mainly based on the backlinks to a site.
So they are two different measurements and I do not believe that Alexa rank has any real value in terms of assessing the value of a backlink. There is no evidence (unless anyone can show me otherwise) that Google takes any notice of Alexa rank. Why should it, when it has a much larger database of its own? In terms of the value of a backlink to Google, it is only their own measurement (PR) that is relevant.