Need advice in getting into IT

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I have completed BE in ECE during the year 2011. I was working for an year from 2011 to 2012 as Technical support engineer. It was a shift based job, as the time passed I started hating to work in night shifts. So I have quitted and learnt java. But I have not been placed in any company after that job. So started working in a non-IT company and how to take myself forward to get into IT field again after 2 years of GAP.

Kindly help me friends.

Thank you.
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If you have been doing an IT job (Java Development), in a non-IT company then it should not be an issue for applying for a position in an IT company because for experience personnel, companies want to see how much you have done.
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you can give the java certification exam this certificate is useful to you for getting good job in java, but you have to passed this exam.