hi friendz....

I wanted to add the first element of first array of every record.
Each record has two arrays,
Each array has 5 values
In order to do that i wrote the following code in VB...
Option Explicit

Private Type feedbackdata

	FormNumberS As Integer
	Q1(0 To 4) As Byte
	Q2(0 To 4) As Byte
	FormNumberE As Integer
End Type
Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()

Dim category(1 To 5) As String * 10
Dim quantity(1 To 5) As Integer

category(1) = "very poor"
category(2) = "poor"
category(3) = "good"
category(4) = "very good"
category(5) = "excellent"

Dim feedback As feedbackdata

Dim recordnum, n As Integer, a As Integer

If (Option1.Value) Then
a = 0
Open "C:/student.txt" For Random As #1 Len = Len(feedback)

For recordnum = 1 To Int(LOF(1) / Len(feedback))
Get #1, recordnum, Q1(0)
quantity(1) = Q1(0) + a
a = quantity(1)

Next recordnum

Open "C:/analysis.txt" For Append As #2

Print #2, category(1), quantity(1)

End If
I dont know why my code isnt working correctly,,,i mean its displaying the wrong sum in my "analysis.txt" file....Could you please help