Object oriented design was not invented by software types, regardless of how many buzz words they spout, and how many dictums they hand down to the acolytes. Oog indulged in OOD when he invented the wheel and put an axle in the middle of it, instead of in a tree branch a quarter mile away.

Mechanical and electronic hardware designers were doing it before it became a buzzword. The butterfly valve of your carburetor is not attached to the hood ornament; the jets are not on the dashboard.

OOD can be accomplished in assembly language. One can (ostensibly) do better in a high-level language that exposes the concepts more plainly. Nevertheless, when that HLL is translated into machine code, the processor doesn't know the difference. There are no access privileges beyond those imposed in hardware, and those are few and far between.

I realize that this exposition does not answer the OP's question. It can't, because the OP's question is not lucid or clear.

One has to think about these things, however, or one is pissing into the wind.