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ThreatNet is made up of tens of thousand CounterSpy users that have banded together to form an early warning system when a new spyware outbreak is noticed. Members of ThreatNet often rely on proven anti-spyware utilities to search hard disks, identify spyware, and delete bad programs. To become a member of ThreatNet, you too will need to use a spyware fighting utility that is proven and trusted in the spyware fighting industry.

Type - Remote Control Tool
Type Description - A Remote Control Tool is a network application that allows users to manage and control PCs or networks from a remote location.
Category - RAT
Category Description - A RAT is a Remote Administration Tool that gives an attacker the means to manipulate and control a target machine from a remote location over the internet. A RAT gives the attacker full control of the compromised machine and is used for malicious purposes. RATs typically consist of two components: a server application that resides on the target machine and responds to remote commands; a client application that is used by the attacker to control and configure the server applications on compromised machines.
Level Elevated
Level Description - Elevated risks are typically installed without adequate notice and consent, and may make unwanted changes to your system, such as reconfiguring your browser's homepage and search settings. These risks may install advertising-related add-ons, including toolbars and search bars, or insert advertising-related components into the Winsock Layered Service Provider chain. These new add-ons and components may block or redirect your preferred network connections, and can negatively impact your computer's performance and stability. Elevated risks may also collect, transmit, and share potentially sensitive data without adequate notice and consent.
Advice Type - Remove
Release Date - Sep 14 2006
Last updated on Aug 29 2007
File Traces
%system%\ ADVAPI.EXE
%SYSTEM%\ shellapi32.exe
%WINDOWS%\ system\ shellapi32.exe

maybe this program could attack the pc that has a poor AS and AV. Norton AV can detect this kind of program...

Just try ur luck....