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Try reformatting the code (I use Notepad++ and TextFX). If you do, you'll see you're trying to write embedded functions: closest_point() seems to "contain" distance, ReadFile and so on.

> double distance(sturct

What's a "sturct"? Seems you've written loads of code and not tested any of it: don't do that, the scope for errors is massive and it's no wonder you haven't got a clue what's happened. Write a few lines of code at a time - no more than 5-10 at your level (and at my level it's really not that much more) before compiling and testing that you get what you think you should get.

Start with what I suggested - read the file and check the output is what you would expect. Then add functionality a bit at a time and you should storm through this exercise, once you've found the algorithms for line intersects circle, nearest point to line etc.
Thanks for your help but that what i have in my mind, although it doesn't work..can you tell me exactly where my wrong is so i would finish this a day?
thank you once again.