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just the one i was looking for... bravo man.
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I m making a project using C++ in graphics mode. the problem is that the code has exceeded 9000 lines and i m getting a linking error "Segment size exceeds 64K" on adding additional outtextxy statements..... But simple lines are still supported...What must I do??
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hey dat was really brilliant ....... can have d code 4 this simulator in java,c or c++...
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prerna_2712, you need to split the code into multiple source files (actually you should have started doing that a long time before you got to 9000 lines!). Most compilers/assemblers will generate one segment per source file so if you get segment too big then you've just got too much code in one file.
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how can i get your code for 8085 simulator
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hi i need c/c++ code of 8085 simulator
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hey .. do any1 have the code in c++ ??.. if yes , plz attach it here ...
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can i get 8085 simulator code in java
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good, people doing Engg in Comp/IT 2nd year will find this useful...as they do teach 8085/86...
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Hi Vimil,

Only use it first time and I already love it. I love the 7-segment LED especially, it reminds me of my SBC I used in the '80s. Do keep it updated and dont forget to post it here with any improvements.