I am Not in school. But I would still like help. I built my 8085 on my proto board.
I know it works. I can program it ok. But I have been playing with a real time clock.
My problem is I can't figure out how to make it use the buttons on my 8155 chip to add a min or add a hour. I can us the buttons for other things. Like I said I can use all of my computer. All my ports work fine. I just dont know the code. Right now I have the time on a small Dl1414 display. Its in binary. So the screen is wrong. but I think I can convert it to ascii. I found some code for that. But how do I tell it to look at the button and the to look at the min or hour and then add one and then program it back to the realtime clock chip. I can program any staring time I want in the bigging of my code. But what good is that. LOL.
Yes I would love some on to write my code for me. I know you say its not going to teach me. But for me I will break down what you wrote and figure it out.
My computer info
Rom 0000h-7FFFH
Ram 8000h-FFFFH
8155 Control port 80H, port A 81H, port B 82H, port C 83H, timer Lsb 84H, Msb 85H
My buttons are pulled low on port A Pa0 Pa1 Pulled high when button pushed.
Real Time 12c887 Starts at 00H
Display Ascii. Thou F0H, HUND E0H, TEN D0H, UNIT C0H