I have purchased some software that uses the sql server backbone and am in need of some help?. I run a small business with currently 3 pcs that use a excel spreadsheet to quote customers. I have purchased a product named in flow inventory and would like to start using it in my business. I have tried using a pc with a 2gig processor and 2 gb of memory as a server but it is running very slow. I need to be able to quote to customers straight away so I have uploaded 200000 items from various suppliers into it and even on my laptop as a stand alone database it runs slow and that only has 512mb of memory so i would expect that. I am thinking of buying a 6gb laptop with a 2.5gb proccesor and I want to build a pc with a 3.0gb proccesor and 8gb of memory to act as a server with a sata drive and so on as I cannot afford a server. I currently have 3 pcs running through a adsl router to network them and I understand I need to use a switch between these computers to make them throughput data quicker. I just need some help would this pc act as a server ok for this amount of data as I cannot afford a server.