Recently I find an interesting question: somebody wants to produce a video, which made by two SWF files. He wants to insert a link in one video and when you watch the video you can click the link to another video.

How could we do of this problem?
Answer: “So first film everything against a green screen, and then edit the video (remove green). Export the video to FLV (don’t forget to export alpha channel).
Import the video to flash (embed flv in the SWF). You can put links, graphics, and everything there.
For security, you can just create another blank swf to call the video swf so people can’t hijack it.
These only works on AS3 tho (don't know how to do it on AS2)”
That is a good solution, but sometime use a software also can solve this problem. You can do this with Moyea Flash Video MX Pro, in profile of player you can set “Navigation on click”. Actually this method is to insert a link in the control bar and others can not see it. When you click the video (actually the control bar) you will be redirected to some other website.
Hope this article will be useful for you guys.