How do you want to convert the struct? Is it just a case of changing "struct" to "class" and retaining the same functionality, or do you want the class to have additional functionality over the struct?

If the former, class and struct are exactly the same EXCEPT that all struct members are public by default and all class members are private by default. So struct str { int x; } is equivalent to class str { public: int x; } (References to the class itself also don't need "class", so "struct firstLady_t* data[numPrez];" becomes "firstLady_t* data[numPrez];"; any other occurrences of "struct firstLady_t" become simply "firstLady_t".)

If the latter then you'll have to state what extras you want the class to have over the struct. In other words, if changing "struct firstLady_t {" to "class firstLady_t { public:" and dropping "struct" throughout (where it refers to firstLady_t) doesn't completely answer your question, why precisely?