Disclaimer:this post is only intended for educational purposes which help to let you know how hackers take measures after hacking any thing
  1. Never tell anyone you are a hacker
  2. Never hack without a proxy
  3. Always use a proxy when doing anything remotely illegal
  4. Never hack from your house
  5. Never use your real name in a conversation or sign up sheet
  6. Always use fake information when signing up for something such as an account
  7. Never use the same password more than once
  8. Never use a password that can be found in the dictionary
  9. Always use a firewall
  10. Never let the F.B.I. into your house without a warrant stating their intentions.
  11. Never let the F.B.I. in period.
  12. Always have a panic button that mass deletes all your questionable material.
  13. Make sure that the deletion of your files it is at least in compliance with the Department of Defenses file deletion protocol if you have time; The Guttman Method is the best.
  14. never hack from same computer twice
You might say to yourself that you do not follow one or more of these rules. This is why most hackers get caught. They forget to cover their tracks and get busted. The more rules you abide by, the better your chances are of staying hidden.