Сan i add google ads on my free blogspot based blog if yes then how?

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Сan i add google ads on my free blogspot based blog, or are there any charges or registration fees to setup that? my blog has 500 visits every , how do i make money out of it???let me know
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Apply for Adsense and once approved you can have Adsense ads on your blog.
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Yes, you can, as per shabbir say you can able to put ads through Adsense. Just go to your blogger account and nevigate to Adsense and active it.
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you need to register an adsense account and wait for it to be approved. there are actually two ways for you to place ads on your blog.
1st generate an ad in google.com/adsense and copy the copy. paste it as a html in your site and that should do.
2nd on blogger. click on layout and 'add gadget'. you will be seeing an adsense gadget if your adsense account is already approved.