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  1. jose_peeterson
    10Jul2012 21:56
    Hi Mr shabbir,
    Please help me now THANKS!!
  2. shabbir
    7Jul2012 10:23
    If you post your complete code and want someone would debug your code and find issues and fix it. It is asking for too much. You need to make your question concise and make it easy for anybody to help.
  3. jose_peeterson
    7Jul2012 10:18
    Dear Shbbir,
    I have a problem that has to be answered. Please read and help me with the following post .
  4. jose_peeterson
    30Aug2011 17:00
    hi mr shabbir,

    can you please answer my question under the following name.

    ADAMANT PROGRAM. my text file is somehow being manipulated.