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  1. kyle
    22Jul2011 17:44
    hey teacher...
    it's me kyle and aaa... i haven't opened my account in idk 2 months or so <some personal reason>
    so here i am and i really really need ur help
    pls pls pls, i am trying to write a batch file so once i put a usb drive in, it automaticly copies every file from USB to my hard drive
    i searched in google and saw the basic commands and stuff but i couldn't figure it out
    i really need to get it done til tomorrow cuz it would really really help a lot
    please can u help me ?
    thank you in advance
  2. kyle
    30Mar2011 11:03
    thank you Teacher
    i really appreciate the words
    respects from Kyle
  3. teacher
    29Mar2011 09:57
    hey man i have read all your posts and i think you are very passionate about hacking...really your posts show your passion.keep moving towards your goal....and always remember

    its not the destination which matters,its the journey itself