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  1. Deadly Ghos7
    30Jan2010 21:27
    Deadly Ghos7
    I don't know what's the problem but my paypal email is shown to me in my profile editing section. Shall I message you my paypal address?
  2. shabbir
    30Jan2010 14:08
    I see your Paypal as N/A and also I see your other article and will approve by today
  3. Deadly Ghos7
    30Jan2010 13:36
    Deadly Ghos7
    Hi thanks and I have updated my profile with paypal email address. Thanks and I am hoping to post another article again.
  4. shabbir
    30Jan2010 07:59
    Congrats !!!. You have won Article of the Month - December 2009 for your article Complete MySQL injection for newbies

    Update your profile with your Paypal so we can transfer the prize money