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  1. mayjune
    4Sep2009 14:51
    Hey check this suggestion and vote for it
  2. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:47
    hey me going offline...good night
  3. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:44
    checked and replied..
  4. c_user
    25Aug2009 01:31
    check out my new post in artice > windows ....
    you will hav fun using those...
  5. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:12
    I am not getting what you saying? You want to post something related to dos?
    In windows section
    If its an Article then in article>windows
    if its a question then in queries>windows...
  6. c_user
    25Aug2009 01:12
    keywords used in DOS... where should i post it.....
  7. c_user
    25Aug2009 01:09
    sorry forgot to mention in DOS
  8. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:08
    answer is not ok
    and i didnt get you, you have set of keywords you want to thread as in???
    btw you can add me in gmail
  9. c_user
    25Aug2009 01:06
    i m having a set of keywords that i want to thread here in this community.. so where should i post it..... reply soon..
  10. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:03
    "i want to learn batch file programming because i have heard a lot about it.."
    cool but i dont see much use of it...

    "At present i m learning .net programming and i know c,c++ and java(intro..)."
    c,c++,java will really help you...get your data structures really strong... they will help you not only in college but in later stage a lot too...trees, graphs, sortings, pointers, start using code blocks rather than TC, trust me. In real world no one uses TC...(i am switching over myself...)

    "i have great zeal of learning any thing related to computers..."

    "let me check it out the sites u provide me of for batch file ....."
    cool, maybe saswat knows more about batch programming you can ask him too. He has a good deal of knowledge ...