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  1. rockyrakster
    8Jun2010 20:49
    I am back....
  2. mayjune
    4Sep2009 14:51
    Hey check this suggestion and vote for it
  3. mayjune
    27Aug2009 01:58
    replied...nice one..
  4. rockyrakster
    26Aug2009 19:40
    Hey mate I have posted my first article in c++ section check it out.It is on selection sort
  5. mayjune
    23Aug2009 23:08
    hey, you added swap files and bak files in the zip. They are not of any use. Specially swap files as they take huge space.... So don't include them in your further game uploads...
  6. rockyrakster
    23Aug2009 22:23
    Mate I It should work I have submitted it for my 12th project remeber.Did you copy it indefault c++ folder or try this please put .dat files in the place where tc.exe is located.It is only a error caused due to missing files......and it if you press right it goes of because I use getch().It is another drawback....Please try changing the dat files location.Or do this Executte the program and come out and check in all your tc folders.You will find in some folder in tc where you will find cars.dat,cricket.dat,level1.dat etc with file size 0 KB this where you have to copy the dat files
  7. mayjune
    23Aug2009 17:13
    check the posts..
  8. rockyrakster
    23Aug2009 16:53
    REgarding my program hey just unzip all files to default program folder[The folder by default where you can save programs in tc] it will work... Mate regarding the contest can you tell the first contest's topic