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  1. naimish
    27Aug2009 08:10
    Hi MJ, I really got shocked when you told me this, 30-40-50 MB !!!!!!!!!! anyways, what is the picture format are you people using ? I think there is nothing in code you can do but you can fight with the picture formate.

    Just for an example, get any pic from the web, save it as BMP and save it as JPEG, the size diff. will be a lot.

    Still I would try if we can do something with code, but still as I said, that will depends upon the picture only.

    Let me know if I get it right what you are saying.
  2. naimish
    12Jul2009 18:12
    Yeah, I ll check mails, let's c...and ya abt that link....need to post in on another hosting server, but only few provides free php
  3. naimish
    9Jul2009 06:29
  4. naimish
    8Jul2009 06:24
    Plz send it to my email id
  5. naimish
    7Jul2009 15:36
    Nop Buddy It's bloked