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  1. shabbir
  2. shabbir
    27Aug2009 10:11
    Done that.
  3. mayjune
    27Aug2009 03:06
    How to get the best out of G4EF?
    Wrote this article for newbies, check it. If its good for them then make it sticky as lot of them make these mistakes which i have pointed out...
  4. mayjune
    25Aug2009 01:11
    I just thought its better to have a collection of news weekly rather than separate threads for each..
    As you wish..
    as for moderating threads i would love to moderate threads. I don't know which ones need moderation, so you can recommend me as many as you like or need...
  5. shabbir
    24Aug2009 22:49
  6. shabbir
    24Aug2009 22:45
    Forgot to add. Its better to have separate threads for each news with good title rather than compiling all news into one.

    Soon I would also promote you to next level
  7. shabbir
    24Aug2009 22:44
    Done. Also Do let me know if you would like to add any other forum into your mods list.
  8. mayjune
    24Aug2009 19:10
    I don't mind. I would be happy to...
  9. shabbir
    24Aug2009 19:05
    No. But I guess you can post the news into the News section when they happen. I would not mind if you moderate that forum as well if you want to.
  10. mayjune
    24Aug2009 18:55
    hey is there anything you would like me to add/subtract or change in tech news?