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  1. SaswatPadhi
    7Jul2009 18:55
    Hi MayJune,

    I have uploaded the plugin :
    Please test it and suggest improvements.

  2. SaswatPadhi
    5Jul2009 21:18
    And, thanx for adding me as your friend

    Friendship request accepted
  3. SaswatPadhi
    5Jul2009 21:15
    Yeah, me at :

    I just wanted to know, did the *nix utils work for you ?? The "cat" command etc.. ??

    SQL Injection !! I had tried a lot to find some vulnerable sites, when I newly joined this place. But soon, I got to know that SQL injection is a quite old method of hacking and most web-sites seem to be smart enough today to avoid it.

    Which college are you in, BTW ??
  4. mayjune
    5Jul2009 21:09
    hey saswat,
    yeah college started + started doing gyming (oh man it hurts )
    been trying hard since moring with sql injection, sadly no luck yet...
    but ain't gonna give up...
    and as for nominating your article no probs man, it was good, i loved it..
    are you on gmail?
  5. SaswatPadhi
    5Jul2009 18:23
    Hi bro, seeing you online after a long time !!
    Busy with something ??
  6. SaswatPadhi
    2Jul2009 19:55
    Thanx for nominating my article, bro !