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  1. nimesh
    20Jun2009 13:43
    Thanks for the links.
  2. SaswatPadhi
    20Jun2009 13:40
    Good links :
    (Google for more, many good tuts are available)

    Even I am not very good in ASM, yet. We can learn together.
  3. nimesh
    20Jun2009 13:35
    I've heard of ASM and want to learn more about it.
    Can you send some links that you liked for ASM.

    I didn't knew anything about computers in my school age. Just a layman I would say

    Never heard of BrainF*ck, BeFunge, WhiteSpace
    Did not got change to play with Logo

    C# is also good but sometimes drive my crazy

    Left java because of dependency of JRE and other java components.
    And it doesn't even work at my home PC
  4. SaswatPadhi
    20Jun2009 13:28
    I just love C++. Now, I'm starting to like ASM. VB was my favorite in 8th.

    I like to play with many languages : BrainF*ck, BeFunge, WhiteSpace, QBasic, Java, C#, even LOGO !
  5. nimesh
    20Jun2009 13:24
    haha good
    So which language you like the most?

    I won't say I'm good at programming but yes, I'm better than most of my collagues.
    Because my current domain does not require programming

    I learned programming more than 5 yrs ago, and then I joined this company where there was nothing much to program, so I was a bit sidelined.
    But I continued to work on my own, sometimes for fun, sometimes for help.
    Mostly it was VBA programming in Access or Excel.

    And now from last 6 months I'm into ASP.Net

    I like VB and Java but left java long ago
  6. SaswatPadhi
    20Jun2009 13:08
    Completely on my own !
    I was good at programming and then I thought to try cracking, and I was good was that too.

    I'll tell you something, I learned cracking in February, this year. And when my board exams were going on (in March), I joined and solved 10+ crackmes !! (Of course, my parents are unaware of this )
  7. nimesh
    20Jun2009 12:48
    Yes, it was me. For the article of Hide files/folders

    I wanted to ask one question:
    How did you learned cracking?
    Did someone guided you, or it was completely on your own?
  8. SaswatPadhi
    20Jun2009 00:08
    Someone increased my reputation by +1. I am quite sure it's you

    Thanx !
  9. nimesh
    19Jun2009 23:44
    I never had a look onto the voting thread
    Well, now when you remindid me, I'll do the rest.
  10. SaswatPadhi
    19Jun2009 23:33
    Hi bro, how ware you ?
    Why don't you vote for the Article Of The Month ?!?