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  1. SaswatPadhi
    5Jun2009 17:16
    I never get "bored", 'cuz I've lots of crackmes to crack. Do you crack crackmes ?
    Just check, if you are interested (I'm known as T.0.R.N.A.D.0. there).
  2. indiansword
    5Jun2009 10:17
    fine thanks, just PMed ya coz was getting bored. So what do u do?
  3. SaswatPadhi
    5Jun2009 08:57
    Absolutely fine ! Thanx !!

    What about you ??
  4. indiansword
    5Jun2009 07:53
    so how are ya!
  5. indiansword
    15May2009 07:31
    Thanks for the suggestion, will change it later today. Didnt pay much attention to it since the website isnt about english grammer [LOL].

    Glad that u liked it!
  6. SaswatPadhi
    15May2009 07:15
    Hi man, I just saw your site "". Your last-but-one forum and a sub-forum of it reads "Softwares", which is incorrect; should be simply "Software" 'cuz it's the plural of itself.

    But nice site, I must say