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  1. SaswatPadhi
    7Jul2009 18:21
    Hi !!

    Finally we are online together !
    Did you check my thread :
    Please test the plugin and suggest me ways to improve it.

  2. indiansword
    7Jul2009 05:46
    now we are online at the same time
  3. SaswatPadhi
    6Jul2009 12:38
    Hi Nishant !!!

    Nice to hear from you after a long time.
    But our online-times don't match

    Hope we will be online together, sometime soon.. Bye .. Good day
  4. indiansword
    6Jul2009 06:20
  5. indiansword
    30Jun2009 08:07
    thx. I was really look to buy it since a long time. but techmafias's is banned form adsense. So i was confused if it would be able to atleast payback my investment. but now i dont care about it anymore. I have invested about 12k/year on techmafias and wouldnt get nothing in return lol.
  6. SaswatPadhi
    30Jun2009 07:56
    Yeah, I saw your thread "I am very happy ..".
  7. indiansword
    30Jun2009 07:50
    Thanks even i do need a day or so to convert it to vbulletin and make some changes.
    I bought a vbulletin yesterday Permenent license
  8. SaswatPadhi
    30Jun2009 07:42
    OK. No problem.
    Thanx for the invitation, I would join on 1st July.
  9. indiansword
    30Jun2009 05:37
    To be honest, I aint much a programming guy. I am RE-launching my website. There are few members on techmafias who has good grip over programming. I was wondering if u'd like to help me for my programming section. I could pull u as a rank for "TM Coder". Ur job would the same basic, u know, writing tutorials, guiding members on their questions.

    Would appreciate ur time, since i think u'll have time as ur just done with ur 12th.
  10. indiansword
    10Jun2009 08:37
    i sleep the whole day